As I start this project of making this blog more about art in general and not JUST our gallery.. I’m thinking this little internet space needs a make-over. Hmm..

Guess I’ll get to work on that tonight!

So much to do! And I love all the blogs and etsy shops people have been sending me to look at. It makes my “hunting” job for this project a whole lot easier. Thank you all so much! Already focusing on a few that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time.


As far as our opening.. well, it was raining here in Philadelphia but we still had QUITE the turn-out. 3 of our featured artists showed up and we sold a few photography prints to be able to donate $50 to We’re pretty excited to be able to help out and even $10 would’ve been great, so this was a lovely surprise. -We’re gearing up to get some of these pieces on etsy so our shop should be up in the next week or so. There’s always a lot to do and with only two of us.. it’s a large work-load. We’re loving every minute of it though.