502 South Philly Rock Comp Vol.2 Shows


On November 15th, four (and a half*) bands that were featured on the compilation put out by The Art Is Not Dead Records and 502 South, called Philly Rock Comp Vol.2 performed at the 502 South venue. It was a night of great times that aligned with similarly themed “Philly Rock Comp Vol.2” shows that have happened over the course of the end of 2014 and early 2015; where various bands from the compilation have performed at the 502 South venue, as well as other shows across PA and DE.

The first day the physical compilation albums were available was the November 15th show, which featured The Sixties, Welter, Proof and Proving, Retreevers, and *Readership (which features members of Trackjackets, a band on the Vol.2 comp). It was an amazing night of great tunes, great friends, and knarly fun times.

It was a great time – but if you missed it then you’re in luck! Coming this Saturday, February 28th, many of those same bands are on another 502 South bill! The Sixties, Welter, Proof and Proving, Readership, and The Good Excuses are all slated to play the West Philly DIY venue. If you’re game for redemption for missing the November 15th show, or want another night of awesomeness, here is your chance!

Or you can check out the tunes from The Philly Rock Comp Vol.2 and some pics here!

TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-1A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-2A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-3A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-7A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-8A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-9A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-10A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-12A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-13A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-14A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-15A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-16A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-17A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-18A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-19A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-20A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-21A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-22A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-23A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-24A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-25A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-26A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-28A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-30A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-31A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-32A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-33A TheArtIsNotDead-502-Comp2-PhillyMusic-34A