Everything In The Works.

Our tiny little sneak preview went amazingly. Much fun was had by all that wonderful Saturday and Sunday. We got to give our families a little something to be proud about, our friends something to gush about, our neighborhood something to get excited about, and our exhibited artists some new eyes on their wonderful works.

The feedback to Mary and Scott Newcomb’s work was absolutely delightful. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to see how many people gushed over Mary’s amazing jewelry and the wandering eyes that swarmed around Scott’s amazing pieces. My absolute joy of the weekend was watching a mother bring her son into the gallery. Still in his stroller he IMMEDIATELY pointed to one of Scott’s bicycle wheels and excitingly screamed, “Mommy! Circle!”. This boy, no older than 3, was completely wrapped up with awe, color and shape.

That’s what art’s about.

Another popular artist of the night was Ashley Lewis. Her “Smash Babies” went over extremely well with many people joyously delighted by their complete and utter uniqueness.

A few photos were sold, many e-mails taken for future shows, and a plethora of all around amazing compliments and genuine excitement.

Brian and I would like to say “Thank You” to all the artists involved.. with all of our hearts. You truly made our space warm, welcoming and have us enthralled for our future as an exhibiting space. Thank you Mary White Newcomb, Scott Newcomb, Carol Han, Anna Adey and Ashley Lewis. We love you all.


As for the future: We will be opening up on the second Saturday of November, with regular gallery hours from there on out. We are not sure if we’ll call this our “grande opening” but it will certainly be open, grande, and at least a huge celebration for being a real-deal business. Artists in play thus far are myself, Smash Babies, and Leigh-Adel Arnold (with her amazing jewelry). If you’re interested, drop us a line at theartisnotdead@gmail.com. Wine (and probably beer) will be served as well as some snacks by the wonderful Ed Capozzi.

We will also be attending Crafty Balboa’s holiday show this December. Come check out our table and some of the artists we will be exhibiting in the future. Everyone is awesome.. it’s that simple.

As far as some future shows go: December is officially dedicated to music. All art musically involved will be shown by a plethora of artists; band photography, painting, jewelry.. whatever we can find that is musically inspired will be filling our walls and ears in December. Tentative dates also in play for an acoustic show by Proof and Proving and Astpai (insanely amazing hardcore from Austria). We’re working out the kinks, but it’s going to be amazing- there’s no doubt.

If you haven’t arleady, drop us a line and sign up for our newsletter at theartisnotdead@gmail.com