First Show In The Works.

We are having our first show on Saturday September 12th (and will also be open on the 13th as well if you can’t make it on Saturday). The hours are currently 11-5 and will feature quite a few of our favorite artists. There is a craft show in the area that day as well as it being Passyunk’s very own Second Saturday. We are thrilled and as excited as can be.

Today we met up with a very talented jewelry designer named Leigh Adel-Arnold. Her works are delicate, intricate and simply lovely. Come check her out at our gallery on the 12th. We are very excited to have her displayed and know you’ll enjoy her work as well.

For now, drop by her etsy shop:

Other artists lined up thus far are:

Maria Teicher (fine art paintings and photography; gallery owner, director, and curator)
Smash Babies (Ashley Lewis’ stuffed creatures of pure amazingness; our very own intern).

More artists to come. Get excited!