Hello Newcombs

Well, first things first. The Art Is Not Dead Gallery would like to welcome the Newcombs to our growing family and our first show on the 12th. This couple are quite the artisans and we are HUGE fans. Let’s introduce them one at a time.

Mrs. Mary White Newcomb is an artist. It’s that simple. Her medium? Jewelry. She is quite the talent with a collection featuring “small press, one of a kind, and custom pieces, all made with love.” The name of her line speaks for the works: Young, Wild and Bright. Each piece is hand crafted with wonderful details in the presentation, texture, and finish. Seeing her works up close and in person is a must.

These graphite paintbrush earrings are Maria’s current favorite.

Check Mary’s other works out on her etsy site: www.youngwildandbright.etsy.com

Scott Newcomb’s art is described as “A spontaneous combustion of beeswax, pigments, oils, and chemicals. Not for the faint of heart.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. His knowledge and demonstration of texture and color will keep your eye flowing in and out of each piece for quite some time. Each work presents itself as both a painting and sculpture; true art in it’s own realm. While each individual piece flows very well with it’s brothers and sisters, each are completely unique and one of a kind. We won’t even begin to describe the amazing things he does with bicycle wheels. Take a look for yourself.

Check out his site before you come see his works up close on the 12th.


News with the gallery itself: We’re all cleaned up and ready to paint!

In the midst of our cleaning, a lady waiting for the 23 sat and starred at the current paintings and photographs we have displayed, in the windows, by artist and owner Maria Teicher. The interest was ALL there in her eyes. A very excited artist and gallery owners spent the rest of the day with that image in their heads. We can’t wait to have our doors open for more.