Jacob Klensin.

Artist Feature.


So as I promised.. we will be doing fun artist features on this blog. Unfortunately this has taken me a little more time than I thought it would but I’m certainly collecting resources and doing my homework. I’d like to start with one of our favorite regularly exhibited artists and this month’s co-curator of “Inspired by Film”; Jacob Klensin.

First I must gush a bit. We met Jacob through his lovely lady, Destiny, and couldn’t be happier that we did. We started our amazing relationship with him in our lovely space during a quiet opening and it turned into an afterhours night of fun, laughter, and amazing photography/art talk (with lots of wine and beer of course). Jacob is everything you want in an artist friend (especially when you’re running a very DIY alternative space such as The Art Is Not Dead). He’s extremely passionate about his work, others’ works, and the general idea of artistic community. He has been a joy to our space and without him, ‘Inspired by Film’ wouldn’t have been half of what it was this past Saturday. A GIGANTIC ‘thank you’ to him again.

As far as his work goes; Jacob is a medium format photographer working in a classic analog style. He prints a large majority of his work himself and takes pride in every tiny nuance in each piece. You could classify him in a documentary-like style with his “Michael Jackson Memorial” series or his new “American Fighters” work but if you take a look at his portraits and landscapes, you understand that he sees the world in a very fine art type of way. Each piece shows something a bit more than the initial figure or subject projected. You can see the soul and heart in his subjects and it certainly makes you want to know them and be in the space he was when he created the piece. We urge you to check out his website or stop by the space and see some of his amazing work (and the new pieces on canvas are simply gorgeous). He has become a great supporter and friend of ours and we hope you have the chance to see his work up close and in person someday.

Here’s some of our favorites:

All works ©JacobKlensin.

Once again.. a HUGE thank you to Jacob. We look forward to seeing more and more work from you in our space and otherwise.

Check him out, friends: http://www.jacobklensinphotography.com/