Just A Sunday Afternoon.

Good afternoon friends.

Creative brainstorming and business licenses have been at the forefront of The Art Is Not Dead Gallery this week. We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves (ok, ok.. Maria is trying not to get ahead of herself. Brian is the rational one in this operation) but the more we research the more exciting the future gets. Projects are being laid out, as well as discussing some possible community events for next spring.

This past Wednesday, Maria met with Snow Day Ceramic’s Carol Han to discuss putting some of her wonderful work into the space for September 12th (and hopefully in future showings as well- we’re crossing our fingers!). The outcome: a YES! Maria works with Carol (oh silly day jobs) and is so very excited to have her join The Art Is Not Dead family. Her works are wonderful, comforting, charming and completely unique. (And Maria knows, she’s sipping out of a Snow Day Ceramic’s original as she types this).

Until the 12th, go check out Carol’s site:
or snowdayceramics.etsy.com (and heart her until she comes back).