My, oh my – how things change between website updates!

In a world where social media has essentially replaced having your own website, we have fallen grossly behind in regular updates to our own website. We have more by-the-minute updates on our Facebook page, but let us try to sum up some of the great news we’ve had since our last post on here.

The Art Is Not Dead Records has added a few bands to it’s roster, so now the label’s family includes: Dr. Velvet and The Social Drinkers, Proof and Proving, and Junior. Check out music by The Art Is Not Dead artists on our Bandcamp page! All of the music is there for a “pay-as-you-wish” policy, so you can determine what you want to pay to download entire catalogs [so it’s “free” to all you cheapskates who want good music 😉 ].

After adding Dr. Velvet and The Social Drinkers (based out of Los Angeles, CA) to the label, Dr. Velvet & TSD, Proof and Proving, Maria Teicher, and The Art Is Not Dead Records started a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the costs of a West Coast Tour, Seven Inch Split album, and artwork by Maria Teicher for an upcoming Proof and Proving album. The video below is what we had to introduce the project.

The Kickstarter Campaign was a SUCCESS, and was fully funded! This was a great time for all of us, and some backers got some great rewards for their donations!

There have been a few other small things for The Art Is Not Dead family, but these were the big news for our community as of late. We’ll try to keep this website up to date, but make sure you also check out our Facebook page (link at top)…and LIKE us!

– Much love, The Art Is Not Dead family