Tonight: June 5th 2015Openings and Exhibitions To See – 6.15

Tonight is looking to be a busy one for Philadelphia’s art scene.  So, whether you are prepared to see one exhibition or all, we thought it was important to gather up a list of the events we’ve been lucky enough to hear of.

Don’t forget, if you can’t catch them tonight make sure to see if they are up past the evening.  Support your local creatives and check out their work!


Ex Silentio
New Works by Casey Murphy and Caitlin McCormack
The Art Dept.



I Was There
Michal Brodka, Greg Christman, Kate Collins, Brandon Gallagher, Bruno Guerreiro, James Heimer, Shawn Hileman, Jeremy Hush, Brian Mercer, Justin Miller, and Mike Wohlberg.
Jinxed Philly (Fishtown)



Rachael BridgeBuddy Nestor, Michal Brodka, and Maria Teicher
Black Vulture Gallery


Solo Exhibition by Zoe Williams
Philadelphia Sculpture Gym


Celebrate the release of NUMiNOUS Magazine‘s Street Art Issue
Michael Pagdon, YOMI T.G.M.B, Ellen Durkan and Rebecca Ellmer.
Tattooed Moms



Sectumsempra: A Harry Potter Group Show
Alex Dos Diaz , Alex Eckman-Lawn, Ally Cat, Annabelle Buck, Anne Lambelet, Bob Burns Stokes III, Caitlin McCormack, Darla Jackson, Eamon Dougherty, Gabby Grife, Heather Winter Vaughan, Heather Lynn Fisher, Heva Deer, Ivonne Carley, James Kaminski, AJ Nicho (Jess Nicholl) , Jess Polk, Joanna Egan, John Dallaire, John Roeder Freeman Jr., Kaitlin O’Donnell, Kate Eagle, Kayla Miller , Kelly Migliori, Kristin Koefoed, Leah LaPera, Maria Thomas, Marietta Bieberfeld, Mark A. Fionda Jr., Maxine Jk (Maxine Kramer), Meera Gessner, Melissa Kenney, Miguel Co, Michael Frank, Millie Landis, Nicole DiPonziano, Rachel Lesser, Becca Dome, Reeda Martin, Robert Kraiza, Sam Schechter, Shelby Wolf, Traci Dibble
Milk and Honey



Bianca Rachele, Heartless Revival, Agashi and Cozen NYC
Hosted by Cory Wade Hindorff



Paul Romano (Solo Exhibition closing reception, with new works)
Arch Enemy Arts






See you out there!