The 12th AND The 13th!

As those of you that read this, or are involved, may know, The Art Is Not Dead will be showcasing some of our favorite artists on Saturday September 12th- adjacent to the Crafty Balboa craft show. We will be open from about 11 to 5 that day. We are pretty sad that we won’t be able to stay open later so we’ve decided to open the gallery on Sunday the 13th as well. Our doors will be open from about 1 p.m till late in the evening. We encourage all to come by and say hello, enjoy some coffee, hang out, buy/see some great art and begin to get involved. We’re looking forward to making this a great community space and would love to hear your feedback, your stories, your experiences and any interest you have in our wonderful space. While you’re with us on these days, please sign up for our mailing list (if you have not already) and tell us a little bit about yourself. We are looking forward to making our grand opening in November a wonderful event and welcome all interested parties to get involved.

Interested now and don’t want to wait to talk to us? E-mail us at