Way too long..

I can’t believe it’s been this long since we’ve written. We are in the progress of many things and that’s where time has been mostly spent. As many of you know, we are definitely artists running this small gallery; for artists by artists. Sometimes our own work has to compete with our space’s ideas. Maria (myself) has been working, getting ready to apply for grad school and Brian is near completion on Proof and Proving’s first release (and DAMN does it sound amazing).

A little update:
Our December show (Inspired by Sound) was truly amazing. Opening night we were privileged enough to share our space with an acoustic set by Astpai. It was beyond wonderful to have such talented musicians and friends from so far away (Austria) see our space and play. Pictures are to come in the next few days. -As it goes, we loved the show too much and couldn’t bare to take it down in January. -The snow has kept our doors closed quite a bit this month considering we currently rely heavily on foot traffic (other than our openings). Our March show is a group show of all donated works to help benefit vday.org. We look forward to our opening on March 13th and are excited to see who stops by.

Our April show is dedicated to art inspired by film. We are co-curating our space with artist/photographer Jacob Klensin. We are meeting with him tomorrow to set dates and get ready for it’s awesomeness. There’s much in store for this one and we couldn’t thank him enough for his support and help. It’s going to be truly amazing. Keep yourselves in the loop and make sure to fan us on facebook for more reliable updates.

In some other fun news.. our website is currently being developed. It will be pretty simple but we’re excited to have one and get this going on a bit more of a professional level. We know we’re about as “DIY” as it comes, and being as we’re two punk rock kids.. it does fit, but even the smallest punk bands have websites. We’re making it work. 🙂 In addition to a basic website we’ll have our paypal account activated so we can start on a few fun-for-all projects.


Our space is currently dedicated to our small family and community, but we are trying to reach out a little further. In the next up and coming weeks, we will have this blog reaching further than our own artists. We will be posting fun etsy shops and pieces that we love, awesome articles we find, shows coming up in the area, etc. We feel that to truly make our space a “community” we have to include those that are not necessarily in our city, gallery, and social circle. I want to expand this simple blog to show more than just US. We hope it becomes a great place to explore new artists and great art of all kinds.

Until next time.. We love you all.

-The Art Is Not Dead