I am very pleased and excited to announce that The Art Is Not Dead (a complete artist collaborative that includes music, art, craft and the like) now has a space of it’s own. This blog is dedicated to the gallery aspect of The Art Is Not Dead.

We are located in South Philadelphia on East Passyunk Square (triangle if you will) right next to DaVinci’s restaurant, across from Chiarella’s and surrounded by some amazing shops and coffee houses in the nearby area, including (but not limited to): B2, the Black n’Brew, RKO comics, Sweet Jane, the p.o.p.e and the wonderful 1601 bar. We are very excited to bring together artists in this venue. Many plans are in the works with a grande opening in November and some small shows to keep you interested in the mean time.

Welcome. Feel free to stop on by, check out the space, show us your own art and have some coffee.

E-mail theartisnotdead@gmail.com for times to meet up (until full gallery hours are in play) and to join our mailing list for all upcoming shows, events, etc.