Openings and Exhibitions To See – 10.16

Here’s our October list of Philadelphia exhibitions to see, alongside what our city’s artists are up to elsewhere.
Thanks to everyone who’s participated in helping us find these great shows! We look forward to learning more and more about what’s happening each month. Join us HERE to let us know what you’re up to!

A Curious Nature
Works by: Linda Cordell, Tasha Lewis, Caitlin McCormack and Emily White
Opening night: October 6th
October 6th – December 4th
Philadelphia Art Alliance
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2016 Autumn Invitational
Works by: Natalie Hope McDonald, Jocelynn Tice, Tri Nguyen, Alyse C. Bernstein, Elizabeth Strickler, and Michael Weaver
September 29th – November 11th
Off The Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks
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Inner Wasteland
Works by Scott Kirschner
Opening night: October 7th
October 7th – October 29th
Arch Enemy Arts Gallery

The Comfort of Stars
Works by: Chris Mars, Naoto Hattori, Julie Filipenko, RELM, Scott Listfield, Happy D, Richard J Oliver, Dave Correia, Ania Tomicka, Erich J Moffitt, Veks Van Hillik, 100Taur, Chris Leib, Nick Sheehy, Jason Blake, and JoKa.
Opening night: October 7th
October 7th – October 29th

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Of Ghosts and Memories (Armo Octo)
Works by Jason Blake
Opening night: October 7th
October 7th – October 31st
Gravy Studio
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First Friday at C+P
Works by Gina Altadonna
Opening night: October 7th
October 7th – October 31st
Crime and Punishment Brewing Co.
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Point of Origin

Works by: Liz Adams-Jones, James Adelman, Steven Assael, Daniel Bilodeau, Luis Borrero, Dina Brodsky, Charis Charmichael Brown, Diana Corvelle, Benjamin Craig, Cara DeAngelis, Daniel Doubrovkine, Heidi Elbers, Christian Fagerlund, Julien Gardair, Angela Gram, Nick Gebhart, Alonsa Guevara, Joshua Henderson, Justin Hopkins, Caitlin Hurd, Kieran Ingram, John Jacobsmeyer, Yunsung Jang, Marshall Jones, Alex Kanevsky, Kit King, Evan Kitson, Maria Kreyn, Shawn Krueger, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Tim Lowly, Daniel Maidman, Brian Mashburn, Anna Mogilevsky, Cory Morgenstein, Tun Myaing, Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, Corey ‘Oda’ Popp, Kim Power, James Raczkowski, Matt Rota, Nicolas Sanchez, Denis Sarazhin, Victoria Selbach, Beth Sistrunk, Josh Suda, Maria Teicher, Emilio Villalba, Melanie Vote, John Wellington, Timothy Wilson and Miles Yoshida

Opening night: October 13th
October 13th – November 13th
The Lodge Gallery
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Work by Jason Vivona
Presented by SP Projects
Opening night: October 14th
The Convent
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The Nude, Mirror of Desire
Works by: Ben Kamihira, Paul DuSold, Scott Noel, and Margaret McCann
Opening night: October 16th
October 16th – November 19th
Wayne Art Center
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Featured image by Scott Kirshner for his solo show at Arch Enemy Arts titled ‘Inner Wasteland’.

*Philadelphia artists for group shows out of the greater Philadelphia are in bold*